It's time for a change on your HVAC system.

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More cost-saving. Less greenhouse emission.


We are an innovative company that’s here to provide you with sustainable solutions for your home or light commercial spaces. We have developed a new and cost-effective cloud-based system that optimizes the switch between your electric-base heat pump and your natural gas-base furnace. The result is an advanced hybrid system that allows you to maximize your energy savings, while contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Get a Head Start on the Savings with BKR Energy

BKR Energy is an innovative technology company focused on delivering a sustainable long-term solution for your space that will reduce overall energy consumption, lessen the emission of harmful Greenhouse Gases (GHGs), and generate savings, all without compromising thermal comfort. Our company is trusted for our unique cloud-based software that uses varieties of customer-based factors to actively optimize the performance of hybrid HVAC system in a designated location. Alongside its extensive programming, our system is able to produce advanced reporting metrics that are especially important in some residential and light commercial settings.

BKR Energy Mission:

BKR Energy aims to provide an innovative, sustainable, and smart cloud-based system capable of reducing energy consumption, lessening the emission of harmful Greenhouse Gases (GHGs), and generating savings to Ontario homeowners, giving them the opportunity to meet net-zero emissions and contribute to a greener tomorrow.

More cost-saving. Less greenhouse emission.


  1. Reduce your energy consumption: Our Smart Dual Fuel HVAC Controllers, equipped with wireless sensors, monitors your home’s climate, and adjusts the heating or cooling method accordingly.
  2. Take control of your energy savings: Our cloud-based technology sets the most economical method to heat or cool your home.

  3. Give back zero emissions: Our solution gives Ontario homeowners the option of lessening their environmental footprint.

We can help you reduce your overall energy costs.

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A Solution To Prevent Climate Change In Your Own Little Way Applicable to Residential and Light Commercial

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Smart Fuel Switching Control (SFSC) Up to 75% less Greenhouse Gas with 8-15% saving on your…

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Easy to install WiFi sensors with installation service option available. Remote monitoring platform available…

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All aspects of your software assets including purchasing, deployment & maintenance.

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Smart Fuel Switching Control (SFSC)
API and Cloud Platform
M&V and Data analysis

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Past Projects
Evaluating the Impacts of the advanced BAS Controller
SMTI Gas Fired Absorption Heat Pump
Gas-Fired Absorption Heat Pump Field Monitoring (1)
NRCan Cold Climate Heat Pump (CCHP) CSA EXP07-19 Field Study
EndoTherm Energy Saving Impact Evaluation
Power Hybrid House (PHH) Demonstration Project
Gas Heat Pump (GEHP) Demonstration Project
Micro combined heat and power (mCHP) Monitoring and Validation Project
Hydronic System with Air Handler Monitoring and Validation Project
NRCan – Cold Climate Heat Pump Field Demonstration Project
Aquanta Water Heater Controller Monitoring and Validation Project
Smart Fuel Switching Controller (SFSC) Monitoring and Validation Project
Monitoring the Performance of a Hybrid (Gas Furnace + Electric Air Source Heat Pump) System with Smart Controls in Mattamy Housing

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A smart fuel switching HVAC controller based on cloud technology that allows you to save money and reduce your carbon footprint. See our projects for more information.​

We work with some of the best people in the industry, and not to mention some of the largest energy delivery companies, in order to bring our innovative technology to Ontarians.