Adaptive Cloud Platform

Our Cloud Platform can be quickly and easily customized to form the best fit for your requirement. Our Cloud Platform focuses on HVAC systems and can be considered as an ideal solution for remote HVAC system controls via thermostats. For each specific application, we can provide a variety of customized APIs that can fit your existing system setting.

The price will change based on the project requirement.

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Adaptive Thermostat

With a deep partnership with OWON, we provide a customized thermostat with the capability of applying and displaying smart fuel switching (SFSC) tables. And we developed a smart Mobile Application to understand your hybrid systems’ performance better while allowing you to monitor your hourly, daily, and monthly savings (please click BKR Dashboard for more info).

Received your smart thermostat? Great!
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Advanced API Development

Our API platforms are not limited to Restful APIs. Whether your system is communicating based on HTTP/HTTPS, MQTT, or OpenADR, our cloud platform can be customized to fit your existing platform. Our technical support team is also experienced with defining and customizing the APIs based on your specific needs.

Implementing HVAC Applications

If you are an energy provider, manufacturer, or even homeowner looking for an advanced platform to apply your specific HVAC application, our HVAC function-oriented platform is ready to provide professional solutions.

Turn-key Monitoring Systems & Gateways

We provide turn-key remote monitoring systems as the best fit for your specific application. We apply sensors from Monnit Company as one of the largest wireless sensor providers in North America. Monnit, as an Industry-leading Global IoT company, provides more than 80 types of different wireless sensors with user-friendly remote monitoring platforms, gateways, accessories, and APIs which can better fit your requirements.

Monnit LTE Cellular Gateways take advantage of the latest 4G LTE CAT-M1 cellular technology and backup battery, allowing your Monnit Wireless Sensors to communicate with the iMonnit system via cellular transmission even through power failure. This is the perfect solution for remote locations, or where an existing wired internet connection is not an option.