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More cost-saving. Less greenhouse emission.


Smart Fuel Switching Controller (SFSC) – this intelligent controller is the epitome of green innovation, optimizing your hybrid HVAC system’s performance to help you save money and the environment.
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We’re here for you, and we’ll help you choose the best heat pump (HP) for your property – the perfect HP size offering your preferred thermal comfort while lowering your energy bills.
More cost-saving. Less greenhouse emission.


Ready to start saving energy, protect yourself against energy cost fluctuations, and save the environment with us? We have all we need to quickly and affordably retrofit your existing HVAC system, transforming it into a hybrid counterpart. Most homeowners find they need an upgrade anyway, and our offer comes at the perfect time. We’ll replace your outdated AC with an energyefficient air source heat pump (HP) without the need to replace the furnace you already have.
Flexible Payment
We can introduce you to a range of low-tono interest loans and resources, like HELP. With the HELP program, the city of Toronto helps homeowners get up to $75k to cover home energy improvements, with fast and easy approvals.
Don’t let anything keep your home from being anything but cozy and warm all year around. Contact us to explore your options today.
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If there’s one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, it’s that the world can be an unpredictable and uncertain place. The entire world has been affected by the novel coronavirus, and energy generation and distribution is no exception. Amidst the insecurity, you need, and deserve, some peace of mind. That’s why we at BKR Energy help you restore some sense of normalcy in your life, with advanced yet cost-effective energy management solutions. We understand how much it means to you to have secured thermal comfort in your home, without overspending. We exist to help you protect your family, now and in the future, while making sure your HVAC system is always prepared for energy cost changes and energy system challenges.


The pandemic has affected every industry on Earth, including the energy sector. Sadly, there is no guarantee of access to affordable energy in the future. The rates you pay for electricity or natural gas could rapidly rise without warning. However, with hybrid HVAC systems, which operate based on both electricity and gas, homeowners like you can enjoy more flexibility and reliability, making your sweet-home even sweeter.
More cost-saving. Less greenhouse emission.

Welcome to the Next Era of Energy Resiliency

BKR Energy is passionate about HVAC system resiliency, because it’s more than just heating and cooling equipment – it’s the power you need to make memories with your closest family and friends. That’s why we are here to help you choose the best hybrid HVAC systems that deliver substantial energy and bill savings, all while helping you contribute to a cleaner, greener environment for future generations.
Secured, consistent thermal comfort with concurrent access to electricity or natural gas.
Unpredicted rise in Energy costs? Your system will maintain your desired thermal comfort by shifting to another more affordable energy source as and when needed.
Make your home more resilient to energy changes, fluctuations, and rising costs.
Play your part in making a difference to the environment. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).
The Online Simulation Tool
This so-simple-it’s-genius tool helps Canadian homeowners estimate how much energy, cash, and GHG emissions they can save through an SFSC controller in their home. Homeowners can try out various furnaces and HPs to evaluate each one’s impact before buying.